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My Curriculum Vitae and a Few Other Things
Mike Gruchalla VITAE
My VITAE and a bit of Background
I am an electrical engineer with almost 40 years of design experience in the design of analog systems. I have a BSEE from the University of Houston and an MSEE from the University of New Mexico, and I am a licensed Profession Engineer in Texas. Analog design engineers are a disappearing breed as the world becomes more and more digital. However, at signal end of of every system, the world is analog (well, until you get to the quantum level anyway). Over my career, I have found analog design a very interesting and challenging career path. I encourage others to follow this calling.

My Resume
My Resume
Resumes are funny things. The Dilbert evil HR specialists expect you to cram your entire life history into a one-page synopsis, but with complete detail and omitting nothing. And in 12pt type! Anyone with any experience at all can fill much more than one page. I have found it quite successful to craft each Resume to the specific engagement or appointment for which I am competing using the customer's format de jure, and invite the reader to review my VITAE for more detail, for example to see a list of my awards, publications, patents, etc., and attach a copy of my most recent VITAE. This resume is one that I provided for my present Los Alamos appointment. And of course, as you can see from this photo, you always want to be at your professional best! The weird fellow on the left is my son Kenny I just don't know where he gets his irreverent style from.

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